Winter Olympiad 88 (90s percent Erasure-esque)

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Arranged by:
Putzi Veteran
Composed by:
Beben / Barrett / Gilmore
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This remix was initiated by that little Battle of C64-Remixers that I started with Max Levin on R64. I reworked the first remix which I had done in only 5 days and made it sound less dark and less heavy by giving it that Erasure-sound in synth and drums. And while I was trying new things, I also used my latest buy The Grand (virtual piano by Steinberg), which is not so much Erasure but rather 80s-Olympic-TV-sports-theme-like. The medley features the subtunes 5, 3 (the sample-drum tune) and 6.
Ok version! 10 % Pet Shop Boys!;-)
Review by Tas


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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90's percent Erasure-esque? Indeed it is, and very well done it is too, well upto about 1 min 25, then well it's not erasure really, but still has one or two areas that makes you think aha yes Erasure.

I think the 1st part of the mix is done excelently, tho maybe a thicker sounding lead would have been better here. After this part it actually has some really nice instruments and changes in direction. Tho where the sound of the lead improves, the backing seems to go the opposite direction a little.

If you don't pay too much attention to Erasure esque feel from 1:25 then you'll enjoy this remix very much. I think which has some great ideas and changes in direction. It's a good effort even if the ending is a bit abrupt.