SoundLogic - Shadow of the Beast (Guitar Edit)

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This could have been great with better mixing.
A great attempt hampered by muddy mixing and too much "reusing" of the original track.
Works actually pretty well for me. Great "concretization" of the original material!
Review by MoonshineFox


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I've never been a fan of remixes or remasters where you can clearly hear the original tune playing in the background as a sound carpet and then adding modern sounds on top of it. Whether this track does that or not is actually hard to say, but for the first 30 seconds or so it absolutely sounds like the original track just overlayed with some synths and then the guitar coming in. The guitar playing itself is accurate and follows the melody competently, but it lacks something engaging. It's clear that it's trying occasionally to make something outside of a middling recording, and those moments are absolutely great! It just feels like there could be more to really carry this beyond ok into great. Adding in the back synths at about 2 minutes helps in lifting it and here the guitars portamento becomes more clear and helps lift the track, but again the mixing makes it muddy and takes the edge of the sounds, further pushing it towards flat and bland. I think it's a great attempt and I still do enjoy it, but it could be so much better and lively. This is just my personal opinion however. Don't be discouraged! And don't pass up listening just because some old grump has some complaints.😉