tEiS - Beams of Light 2007

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tEiS Adept
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A lot more interesting than the Clubby House mix.
As Makke said, WAY better than the House mix. Anyway, this is the "Silver Surfer Theme" by "Hardy Hard". So check the copyright notes...
Echt klasse, einfach Super.
Nice one.
Yep, very nice touch, but the lead instrument could have been better imho..
Dr Future is right in that the tune is the same as Hardy Hard's, but the truth is Hardy Hard STOLE this tune from Walkman. The original "Beams of Light" predates "Silver Surfer" by almost 10 years.
Sorry to correct you Dr. Future.. This is Beams of light from Tor Bernhard alias Walkman. Kay Lippert alias Hardy Hard ripped the Song 1998. I think HardyHard has to check the copyright notes :)
This mix made me realize how I wanted to remix this, so it rules. And anyone even THINKING that Walkman stole this from Hardy 'Timbaland' Hard - HA! This was in demos in the 80's, son. Hardy Timbalanded in the late 90's. (And I love this song.)
This surely rocks.:-)

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