Dragon Ninja Ingame

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Dragon Ninja Ingame
Arranged by:
TNT Remixer
Composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
All-Time charts position:

Even though you guys on remix.kwed unfortunately and obviously don't like electro, I keep up creating electronic music without any guitars. Both some remixes and my own stuff.


Here's the tune's text. Parts from the intro and outro were taken from the game's story written on the original box:



Kidnapped! the headlines scream. The nation is paralyzed in shock. Is it possible? The president kidnapped? Without a moment's hesitation I know who's responsible: The Dragon Ninja. As a bad dude I take to the streets to rescue the president from his clutches.



When I start my mission on the street

I spank everybody in time to the beat

I'm gonna rescue our president

and don't think that I am hesitant


My fist turns your blue ninjas into screwed ninjas

My heel turns your red ninjas into dead ninjas

Ninjas in a green suit will feel my boots

and the women will become anatomical specimen


'cause I'm a brave and I'm invincible

I'm a man with motherfuckin' principles

Don't think there's anything standing in my way

Not in the past, tomorrow and even less today


I'm about to coast to victory

Just a fuckin' few more minutes and you're history

Your ninja waves can't stop me and I get the job done

Whacking through your fucking horde means a lot of fun



Dragon Ninja

You will rest in peace

Dragon Ninja

You will decease



I told you nobody can stop me. Now you got what you deserve.

*door open*

Hey dude, thanks for rescuing me! Let's go for a burger! Hahahaha!

Dragon Ninja Ingame
I love your style :) new electro so cool keep on. This cant be voted so average
Minimalistic, consistent, good within it's style.

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