XxDUSTYxX - Echoing [2002 Remix]

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XxDUSTYxX Veteran
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Very promising start, but after a while that vibratio (? ) effect just gets on my nerves...
Not a bad reinterpretation...
Very strong remix! Claudio, it´s u?
Great, powerful mix. I love it.
I like it, it's energetic.:)
Typical flat dance mix. Bass drum just keeps pounding.
Banana started this all. I liked the original and this is a VERY good remix, too!
Powerful and catchy, but I dont really like these techno-drum-sounds...
Whew what a bass overkill. But well done.:-)
Does it justice.
Review by cyphax


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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I have somewhat mixed feelings about this remix, but alltogether let's start off by saying that I really like it. What's not to like about this mix? I think the choice for the leads wasn't the best in most of the song, and the effect that's added to it here and there doesn't do it much good either. On the other hand there's this chorus or whatever that you first hear between 0:33 and 0:45 approx. that hits it just right and sounds very very good. Hence the mixed feeling thingie. The beat is simply fine, not particularly outstanding but it serves its purpose, like it should.
To sum things up: energetic and at times volumous remix that could be better with different leads but sounds good to excellent depending on which part of the song you're listening to.😉