XxDUSTYxX - Judgment Day [2005]

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Judgment Day [2005]
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XxDUSTYxX Veteran
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JUDGMENT DAY (Beat To The Pulp) _2005_  by XxDUSTYxX

The original track Beat To The Pulp was written by the mighty ROMEO KNIGHT.

I liked it from the very beginning & just had to remix it!

It can be downloaded here in SID-format:


A few days later ROMEO KNIGHT listened to my remix and wrote me this email (german):
HEY! Der Judgement Day-Remix (wo Composer Unknown steht), ist im Original von mir! 😊
Das ist eins von den beiden Chiptunes, die ich zu AMIGA-Zeiten gemacht habe.
Es ist entweder der www.scenemusic.net/info.htm?idsong=58715
oder der www.scenemusic.net/info.htm?idsong=66722, da kann ich mich selbst nicht mehr richtig erinnern.
Du hast zwar ein bisschen an den Harmonien geändert, aber ok!


Have fun! 😊


Beat To The Pulp on YouTube

Beat To The Pulp on DEMOZOO

Nice, very close to an orange one, but the remix needs some more variation in my ears...
What prowler said...
Whoah, what a cool remix! This rocks! Well done!:-)
Good, not familiar with the original.
Pretty decent remix.
Review by cyphax


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Unfortunately I didn't hear the original and I can't find what it is so I'm gonna have to do without. So how does this song do all by itself? Simply put; great! In Dusty's previous effort, Echoing, I thought the choice of instruments/samples wasn't as good as it could've been. The same does not apply for this remix. Dusty's picks are good alltogether and the remix sounds very pleasant.

I can understand why one might think the song lacks variation but quite possibly the original didn't have any more variation either, in which case I can't blame Dusty at all.

To sum it up a little I can't really seem to find anything wrong with this, I simply really like it a lot.