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Michael Briel
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February 2002
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Well, uuuhhh... How shall I start?

Hi there! My name's Michael Briel, I'm from Bonn, Germany, and like everyone else here (I guess) I grew up with a C=64 and the works of Rob, Martin, David, Chris and all the others. When other kids were outside, playing soccer or whatever I weas sitting at home, entering the program code of Chris Huelsbeck's Sound Monitor into my Breadbox (Brotkiste - it's a German nickname for the C=64) by *hand* (no CDrom on the cover of those magazines back then... ;o).

This youth had some obvious results:

  • Today I'm a overweight computer-geek with allmost no sex life
  • I'm still somehow hooked to the tunes I grew up with
  • I continued making music

Of course - while I continued making music - I, from time to time, tried to remix one C=64 tune or the other... Not all of them are good and online, but I'll sure do more from time to time...

  • I don't believe that I'll find anything here, but anyway: When I bought my Amiga, I sold the C=64 including all the disks with my music on it. I still have some of those tunes on tape, but far from all, which is a bit sad, since it's a part of my creative output... So if *anyone* has some SoundMonitor-files including tracks named Rheintal, Dungeon Run, Conquest, Chip-A-Gogo or similar things please contact me at *once*! But I believe that they don't exist anymore (and actually I'm not even sure that's the original names I gave to those tunes...)

Anyway: I'm allways happy if you've got some feedback for me, so please send me a note! 😊