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Alex Barg
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July 2008
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Commodore Bio:
The music on the C16 was not great, but it was easy to create in basic
The C64 has fascinated me with its SID-Sound, I always turned on the music loud,
and copied it on audiocassette to listen to it in my Walkman.
Later in a band we used the programm Micro Rythm
to emulate drums, because we were only two guys who played guitar and we had no drummer.
The first tracker I´ve used was the Soundmonitor on the C64
written by Chris Hülsbeck, but it was to complicated to me (this time)
Between this we used the AMIGA-trackers(Soundtracker,Protracker,Noisetracker,Oktalyzer) to create Sounds,
especially to emulate a drumsets, bassguitar and for digital FX.
Later I´ve used the Fasttracker 2 in dos mode and the Mod Plug Tracker in win mode.

computer history:

1986(85??) - Commodore 16, Datasette
1987 - Commodore 64, Datasette
1989 - Commodore Amiga 500
1993 - PC AT286 16Mhz
.... PC386 40Mhz .... PC486 100Mhz ... Pentium .... ... .. .
but today I have some c64, C16, AMIGAs, CPC.... and Floppies,too

Here are two older examples of my work(don´t rate `em ;) !!!!):

Giana Sisters Highscore created on the AMIGA-Noisetracker in 1992MP3
Arkanoid created on the Fasttracker2 in 1995MP3


  ▼ ReleasedTitleActPlatformOriginal composerRating
11/04/2011The Great Giana Sisters MetalPICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Chris Hülsbeck 58%
19/03/2011R1D1 ThemePICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Antony Crowther 68%
27/04/2009Ghosts'n GoblinsPICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Mark Cooksey 84%
13/04/2009Tiger Mission Main ThemePICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Johannes Bjerregaard 74%
14/09/2008Sigma 7 Main ThemePICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Rob Hubbard 74%
21/07/2008Arkanoid Main ThemePICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway 75%
15/07/2008Space HarrierPICRARDc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Mark Cooksey 76%