PICRARD - Ghosts'n Goblins

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Ghosts'n Goblins
Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Mark Cooksey
All-Time charts position:

Mixed with Samplitude V9 SE

Moddeling Amp for Guitars and Basses : Behringer V-Amp Pro and Boss GT8(Wah)
Acoustic Guitars : Marina Western Guitar(would like to have a better one, this is a very cheap guitar)
Acoustic Guitar 2 Microphones: Fame SKEC010(body position), Shure SM 58(neck position)
(O.k. would like to use Sennheiser or Neumann!!!where is the money!!!)

E-Guitars : Charvel Model 2
Bass : Charvel 1B
Drums : Battery 2

PC AMD Athlon 3000+
Audiocard : M-Audio Delte 44

Mixer : Behringer UB1831 FX-Pro
Nearfield studio monitor : ESI nEars 05
Headphones : Audio-Technica ATH-D40 fs

for more info please write me, thank you.

Ghosts'n Goblins
This is great, there's nice harmonic lead guitar work and its a contender for the best G & G mix ever.
Lead is a little quiet at times, but an excellent rendition nonetheless.
Very nice guitar lead. Reminds me of Tom Morello around 2:54 - *wahao* *wahao* *wahao* :) gj
I agree with Mayhem: Tweak the volume a bit, maybe add some small amout of reverb to the lead as it sounds very dry and this could very well be an outstanding tune!
Excellent guitar playing. The lead could be more pronounced, but the rest is pretty good.
This is an enjoyable version. Needs improvement on drums (not alive enough), slide accuracy and overall mixing. The intro is outstading and I like this cover after all. Great guitar work.
Nice guitars in here... But I really hate the SID.
Awesome guitar playing in the intro. Overall very enjoyable.
Brilliant, let's have some more G&G remixes.
Great! Rock on dudes!!!!
Wonderful! I love it.
Good one!!!!!!
Flawless victory. Too bad that the SID makes me sick...
Good rendition in general but hey the mixing is really not good at all.
Very good guitar but in my taste the need an little tweak, sharpening the sound, and maybe some other background sounds
Ah... A consequent rock-band-like arrangement of Ghost'n'Goblins. Excellent!
Good arrangement, good sound
Although this Classic Rock style is not my favorite genre, I must say, this one's not bad, not bad at all!
Very nice arrangement and good guitar playing, but the drums could be more powerful IMHO.

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