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Studied music at the London Victoria Collage of Music up until i was 16. I then went onto performing with my dad as the Generation Gap for 10 years. During this time i was into producing and setup a small Studio which i produce music for myself and other artists.

Ive produced many tracks for different artists many went on to getting major deals with universal and sony on the back of my productions, ive also produced with Phil Collins and JK in the past, and music video which was featured on MTV dance and Europe for a local artist, I also re-scored the NZ national Anthem so they could sing it in there native language, which is just about on every sports network you can think off i.e. Sky sports etc, been all over the planet producing music including USA which i produced for a record label over there which was featured on MTV, plus aiding in building State of the art studios for companies.

I am also a massive fan of the C64 and Amiga Days, You can not beat those days! It will live forever. Ive should of done this years ago, but due to other music commitments was unable too, until now!

I will do as many retro remakes as I can and will be done my way... Im in this to help keep the classics alive, I respect all remixers and Originals of retro game soundtracks. Im not here to judge, but to be part of retro scene and meet like minded people.