WAKEman - Turrican II Amiga Remake

Track info
Turrican II Amiga Remake
Arranged by:
WAKEman Remixer
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

Turrican II Soundtrack from the Amiga Version. 
This version Written and Produced by Stuart Wakeman @ www.dd-media.co.uk
Retro Synth Version. Please don't ask for the .MOD .MED you wont get it. 
If you love pure Synth hopefully you will enjoy this.

It is a track I always wanted to do, I Did not want to create a mix that would loose the essence 
of the awesome original, by turning it into something else it was not supposed to be. The Original will always be the best in my opinion. This is my version and is my personal tribute to a golden age of vintage computer music production. 
This track was done for my personal pleasure and decided to share it with the world.

Original Piece Written by Chris Huelsbeck @ www.huelsbeck.com
Thanks go to Chris Huelsbeck for giving me permission to create his iconic retro track. 
Please respect original artist and give support, if you like this track go and buy the original. 
Thanks also go to an old friend ZIPPY who suggested i should do the track thanks mate.

Equipment and software used:

Original Amiga 1200, With Octamed tracker, Original Game Turrican II for scoring. 
Sony Vaio Laptop, All patterns and track created with MODPLUG TRACKER open source software, Sibelius 6 notation software. 
Access Virus synth, VSTi Drum module, 8bit drum sounds. EMU0202 soundcard, Wavelab 6, Waves plugins for mastering.

Loads of late nights and patience went into making this track, its the first time ive gone back to using trackers for nearly 20years, It has been such a cracking project to work on, and finally doing the Turrican II track which I should have done years ago. 
Everything you hear is created using patterns and HEX coding, No sample loops used at all. 
The track was scored just by hearing the original.

Links to all Software used:

http://www.modplug.com -- MOD PLUG Tracker FREE open source Software 
http://www.sibelius.com -- Scoring Software Commercial 
http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/wavelab.html -- Wavelab 6 Commercial Mastering 
http://www.waves.com -- Plugins for mastering Commercial 
http://www.amiga.org -- All things Commodore Amiga


Turrican II Amiga Remake
Some leadsounds aren't perfect, but the mood and feel is there. Very pleasing remix!
Its ok for me.
Would be even more interesting by turning it into something else, but anyways a good Track
Not bad, still very much the same as the original, 192kb/s minimum please.
Welcome and very good job converting this track from scratch. Stu has passed away on 03/01/12. R. I. P.
Awesome remake! Great to listen with these instruments. The atmosphere is very close to the original.

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