Bring And Buy review

06/07/2002Click the link below to read a light-hearted look at the products that were on sale at Bitlive.

Review By Andrew Fisher.
Submitted by Tas

PPOT Comic Bakery Game Boy Band video released!

04/07/2002For those who did not see this fantastic and very proffesional video at bitlive or for those who just can't resist checking it out again. Press Play On Tape have released the entire video on their website. (NOT TO BE MISSED!!!)
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 gains more praise.

29/06/2002In the shop at bjorn Lynne's.. Bjorn states that the CD is highly recomended.

Plus a review there by Richard Davey goes on to say ...quite frankly this is THE best C64 CD out there...

click below to read more.
Submitted by Tas

Sales News....

25/06/2002On the second day of release remix64 CD has sold a staggering 139 copies.

A big thankyou to all who have purchased the CD.
Submitted by Tas

Destination: London!

21/06/2002it's the big day today as Bitlive 3 is upon us. For those who went to bitlive 1 and 2 then you'll know what to expect plus more. Bitlive 3 promises to be the biggest and best ever. And for those who are going i hope your journey is an enjoyable one and that you will enjoy our capital city. See you there.

Full report with pictures coming soon to this site.
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 - OUT NOW!

16/06/2002The remix64 CD is now available to buy directly from Priced at £10.99

  • over 73 mins of music.
  • Dual/reversable front cover.
  • Hand drawn imagery depicting the games music.
  • NO SID (just pure synth/guitar)
  • 8 page booklet (with words from the arrangers and producers)
  • Lovingly crafted and based on the 80's.
  • A variety of styles, sounds.
  • 15 different highly rated arrangers/musicians.
  • 9 c64 composers are featured.
  • Never heard before on CD classic c64 tunes.
  • Thomas Detert (Original c64 composer) reworks one of his own titles and a galway track.
  • Fabian Del Priore, Markus Holler of Merregnon/Hotel giant fame also appear.
  • Unique! you've not heard a c64 CD done quite this way before.
Submitted by Tas

BITLIVE 2002 sold out!

15/06/2002(Taken from

NOTE: Due to unprecedented demand (and because we want people to enjoy their BIT Live experience, not be treated like Sardines), we've now closed registration and made entry guestlist only. We had to do this because the club is now full, and we didn't want to see people queueing outside with no hope of getting in (especially if they had come from outside the UK). Watch this space in case we open registration again: we need to take some time to fully confirm the people who are on the official Excel spreadsheet guestlist, etc, etc. Emails will be sent out before 17th July. In general, you would have to have returned our big registration form which was posted out to all pre-registrees.
Submitted by Tas

For real or a wind-up!

12/06/2002Gianna Sisters The Film? true or false. Well According to this site(link provided below) it's true.

Make up your own mind!
Submitted by Tas

Preview at Music4games.

11/06/2002Click the link below to see the preview of remix64 CD at
Submitted by Tas

RKO places restrictions on downloads

08/06/2002A limit of 5 downloads per hour per IP has been adopted at RKO. The decision to limit downloads will ease the bandwidth problems Jan Lund Thomsen has had to deal with, and will ease pressure from his webhost.
Submitted by Tas