Remix64 Voting on Remix.Kwed.Org

07/03/2002Good news for the community: In close cooperation with Jan Lund Thomsen from Remix.Kwed.Org, we are proud to present the Remix64 in-a-box feature.

It is now possible to access instant voting by clicking on the Smileys at R:K:O. A small popup window will be opened where you can LogIn for voting, see the exact rating at Remix64, or access the detailed tune informations.

Jan was most pleased and willing to help strengthen the scene by bringing the two websites closer together. Cheers Jan! :-)

Karma 64 review

05/03/2002The review of Karma 64 is now online... Please check the reviews section.

Zzap64! issue 107 out now.

22/02/2002Zzap64! issue 107 is out now, available in two formats high-res and low-res pdf file. Check out the c64audio pages in particular... Also there's a full page ad of our forthcoming CD. Thomas Detert also comes in at 3 in their top 6 c64 remixes.

Old Sids... New Game.

21/02/2002( are in the process of contacting Martin Galway in a deal that could use a one of his Original SID tunes for their up and coming Xbox Title(Transworld Snowboarding), it would be an easter egg in one of the levels. The game is set to be released by Infogrames

Karma64 out now

25/01/2002Chris has now revealed that Karma64 has now been released and shipping of these CD's has now started. The people behind The Back In Time series of CD's are responsable for Karma64 so quality is just about guarenteed.

Immortal 2 Front cover

09/01/2002Jan Zottman has released the imagery for the front cover, click on the link to view.

Remixer Of The Year Awards Results for 2001.

02/01/2002The results for Remixer of the year are now online.

Our congrats to all who have been voted for, and thanx to everyone who has voted.

Great CD Giveaway Competition Results

28/12/2001There were 11 remixes entered into the Great CD Giveaway Competition. You can find out the results and download all entries from within the competition screen.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part, and congratulations to our winner: Makke, who got the top vote from 3 out of 5 judges.

Remix64 and agrees to greater cooperation

11/12/2001After negotiations between ourselves and we can now reveal that the future of both websites is now possitvely looking bright.

Chris Abbott's is currently going through re-development, and plans are afoot to incorporate both websites into a closer cooperation.

Both sites will remain owned and run by there respective site administrators, but many features will be made available to both and remix64 visitors.

We'll keep you posted on developments as and when they happen. The future of the c64 remix scene is going to be even more exciting than ever.

CD Bonanza

16/10/2001The future of the scene is becoming more and more interesting with CD release announcements happening more and more all the time.

Here is a list of planned releases in order of which they are thought to appear:

Output 64: A dire venture in to taking the piss out of c64 music. This album is to be amasingly released through the record industry and these guys have nothing to do with the scene whatsoever. Remix64 will not be supporting this venture in the slightest.

Slow Poison's Karma 64: coming early next year from Chris Abbott, Boz and Kenz. This CD features another side to and will be very different to Chris Abbott's Back In Time series.

Back In Time Live: Celebrating one of the biggest and most exciting c64 events ever. Back In Time Live will feature the classic dance remixes that was whitnessed at Birmingham and London. The release is set for May next year and will coincide with the next BITLIVE event (Yes there is another :) )

Instant Remedy: Next year sees the release of the dance orientated CD from oldschool master.

FTC64 - This will feature silky smooth remixes and chilly-out styled music.

8-bit Weapon - Enhanced sid mixes from the Seth sternberger, see our features pages for some info on this.

Press Play On Tape - remixes done with real instruments. Drums, Guitar, Synths from the band PPOT.

Sidologie: Marcel Donne's renditions of some classic tunes. Marcels outing here will provide a jarre/Vangelis feel. This one is about 1 year away from release.

Tonka: This CD is dance orientated a preview of one of the tunes from the CD has appeared on RKO and sounds rather good.

Remix64 - Yes, we all knew this was coming. Scheduled for a Christmas 2002 release and already is well on it way into production. finished/almost finished remixes so far are: Hollywood Poker Pro (Fabian Del Priore), Ocean Loader 4 (Marcel Donne), Hyper Agressive (Ex c64 musician Thomas Detert), Green Beret Title (Thomas Detert). These four tracks are deffinate, though many more are in production as i write. The biggest delay is a negotiation regarding Jeroen Tel's music with EMI. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

Nexus 6581 V2: Reyn Owenhand gives us some more of the same probably based around Johannes Bjerregaard. Details are very sketchy at the moment.

Bit 4: 2003 before you see the The long awaited and possibly the final in the series of Bit Albums which features classic sids re-worked into a sword and sorcery setting.

More CD's than you can shake a cat at and double the fun.