Allister Brimble - Alien Breed 2012

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By popular request I have released this remix, first heard on Alienbreed Evolution (360). Not many people heard it as it was on the credits screen. I have closely followed the original but with up to date sounds and few extra parts. Hope you enjoy.

Allister Brimble goes Allister Brimble - me likes that! Very good!
Yup, epic is the right word.
This gives me the chills... Awesome :)
Outstanding sound from an outstanding composer.
Brimble is in the house! Nice and atmospheric dude!
Incredible! Thank you Allister.
Great song :) For some reason it gives me the feeling im playing Mass Effect :D I love this music style!
Maestro himself.:). Dam hard game even in co-op mode.
Wow... That was just great *grabs the Remix and runs away*
It's amazing!
Really nice one!
Very nice remix!
Very nice indeed!
Goodie oldie
Great remix. Perhaps not as sinister as the original but good stuff.
Deep sounds with rhythmic layers of gritty synths. Brilliant
Review by neglesaks


Artistic skill

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This is a nice and slightly less fearsome make of its original with a softer impression though highly resemblant of its predecessor, thus not much innovation to show on that front. The technical execution is decent with a few nice twists here and there (which spills somewhat over to the artistic rating), though unfortunately hobbled by that some of the fx nearly mask out each other, which is a shame. The game itself needs no introduction hence the nostalgia factor... and of course it is good to see that Allister is still with us.