Allister Brimble - Project-X

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I am sure I have heard this before - it's excellent!
Mr Brimble knows his business. I love the original MOD, and this sounds just like the original, with extra everything added. It does sound a bit dated in parts, but that's nothing that really bothers me.
It does the job :-) Loved the original game too! I have had this remix on my harddrive since 2000.
It's very close to the original, but a very good remix! Yea, I was addicted to this game!
Quite obviously this is how he wanted it to sound on the amiga at the time, as firefox say's im sure in these modern times he'd do it a little different but as it is now... Lovely.
Great game and it really brings back memories from the glorious Amiga-era
As always a too weak bass in mr Brimble's tunes. Apart from that, very good!
Always liked this tune, and this is a really good update as of 1999/2000.
This does the job. It lacks bottom. The acid bass is just not enough to fill the bass need for this track. I really loved the game. Note that this was made 1999/2000. And I guess Allister would have made it different now :O).
Isn't this the version from his CD "Sounds Digital"?
Excelent legend game and music.
Great musician. I love the way he plays with his own arrangements.
Allister - you are a genius!! I can't understand how I've missed this superb remix - this is my favourite Amiga track of all time!
I couldn't find anything that would "force" me to listen to this song, it is good but doen't leave any impressions or feelings behind
It's great song. Amiga rulez :)
Vacuum cleaner at 0:45 reminds me that I`ve to do some work at Home. XD Should do it with this cool Remix playing in the background.;)
Woah, woah, woah, that rocks!!!
Simply... Great!
Classic 90s dance piano
Captures the original feel of the tune but kicks it up a notch. Just sweet!

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