AmiGamer - Elite 2 Frontier Motion Picture Remix

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While it was always clear to me that the soundtrack of Frontier was meant to be something John-Williams-like, the poor arrangement of the Amiga original ruined it a bit, imho.

So I thought this was a nice choice for a remix... 

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation with additional use of sampled/edited measures of some classical pieces (the main theme of Batman by Danny Elfman, Oh Fortuna by Carl Orff and the Overture Solonelle 1812 by Tchaikovsky) to spice things up a bit.

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

AmiGamer is back in Town with a fresh Score Edition of Elite2 \o/ Very good done. Some Instruments choise is'nt the best for example the horns / trumpets imho. But all in all a cool result! Keep it up!
It's obbious what AmiGamer wanted to create. This time the orchestral sounds ruin it a little bit, it sounds thin and needs more punch - or better samples. The composition is great!
Like daXX said
I think you are too polite. Compairing to previous work by the great AmiGamer like Desert Dreams, Monkey Island, Lotus II, I do not like this composition. I understand the thoughts behind it but the quality and finish is simply not up to the standards :-S
Good stuff, really captures the Amiga feeling!
This is a good arrangement, but comes out sounding too synthetic.
Nicely done arrangement that deserves orange face.
A pretty good arrangement but is let down by the overall quality of the sound.
I`m speechless! :) great work.
Great arrangement, but the samples arent that good, especially the brass section.
Very good. So few tracks give the impression of an orchestra. Maybe some winds instruments are not perfect but overall it sounds good
Really good
Sounds very good.:-)

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