AmiGamer - Eye of the Beholder Wrath of Xanathar Remix

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I still remember the first time I put Eye of the Beholder into my disk drive. It was evening, and I wanted to play for an hour or so before going to bed. The next thing I remember is looking out of the window, watching the sun rise and realizing I have to go to school. And from the looks on my classmates' faces this morning, I could tell I was not the only one to lose my night to EOB. One of the games with the most gripping atmosphere I've ever played...

The main title theme sounded a bit uninspiring, but I thought with some arrangement work, I could turn it into a nice, medieval-styled piece that fits the character of the game, so here is my try. Bope you enjoy...

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation.

Fat. Nice mixture between orchestral and gipsy traditional. I like it, nice atmosphere!
Not my cup of tea, but nice enough.
Captures the mood&feel of original perfectly. Awesome.
I like this tune, you create an excellent composition :-)
The orignal Tune was very catchy, but badly produced. (ugly samples) THIS is how it should have sounded back in the days. XD
Great stuff! Love the game, love the tune, love the remix.:)
Well done!:-)
Awesome work.
Great X3 work :)
Good job.

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