Double Density Commercial (In-Da-80s-Mix)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Markus Schneider
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I had this SID always in my Head but i did not know the name or composer of it. Until Putzi made his remix


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One of my fav. Tracks, good remixed, thumbs up!
Although I have no idea what game this tune is from, its instruments suggest it could easily be pulled off on a real Commodore 64. All in all, Double Density Commercial is well worth the download.
Listening to this version gives me a nostalgic feeling as if I am listening to the original version! Great!! P. S. This is not from a game... It's from uhhh.... Commercial.. A promo/demo from our Double Density guyz!
Very enjoyable, spot on with the 80s instruments. The mixing sounds a bit off, but I can't tell why.
Why the techno bass drum? It ruins the tune.
Good capture of the sids spirit
The best DD Remix so far (in my opinion), followed by Putzi and than Paralax. This one got strong synths, some cool effects and a pretty good Beat.
I already loved the original commercial. This remix is absolutely perfect and great. Thanks Amok for this masterpiece!!!
That is so good!!! Very well executed. I've always waited for someone to remix this track. This is so much fun to listen to. Thank you!
Very nice
Review by putzi


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

technical: some too strongly seperated channels or compressor too strong (when the base-drum kicks in from 0:58 to 1:14). Bass far too loud (I recommend Lagerfeldt's R-Type-remix as technical reference on a perfect mix), while synth-line drowned by the bass. The synths are very sweet sounding and well chosen.

Artistry: true to the original.

Nostalgia: close to what I imagine when listening to the original SID-tune, so perfect nostalgia here.