Amok - Rambo - First Blood

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I like the style, but I seriously disagree with most of the instruments. I think you want some more authentic orchestraesque ones. And the part at about 2:15 sounds off in the background. It barely has potential to compete with Franklin van Uden's tune.
Really like it, especially the audio from the film.
The audio-clips from the movie made it even better!
Good working Amok, but play it a little bit faster.
I really like those audio clips.
Not my cup of tea!
Really makes someones feet moving. Good one! Like it!
Well done, Amok!
I am not a fan of this instrumentation. The strings are weak and too synthetic, the piano is out-of-place. The entire arrangement feels haphazard. The only part I like is the one starting at 0:47.
Very nice! I think I have to fire up Rambo on an emulator with this in the background.
I like it, drum and bass are great.
Nicely put together, I really like the drum beat.
I would like a little darker and heavier sound picture. The whole arrangement feels a bit "light". Otherwise, technically well performed remix.
This string-intensive arrangement is a bit light compare to the original tune that had more "darkness" and depth to it.
Amok the Remix-Rambo ;-) Great work!!!
Quite good, especially around 0:50 where the drums and bass get stronger. The strings could be improved.
Amok: stop it, please, occupy oneself something different, and not music.
Not so bad ;)

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