Spellbound (The 2nd Chance)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:

I know... 2 remixes of 1 sid in 1 week...


But i just wanted to prove that i can do better than the first spellbound-remix. I hope you like this one a little bit more...



Thx for the positive feedback to all...


@agemixer: it was my own remix i tried to improve... not of anyone else...

Congratulations! Your skills are definitely improving.
Have to give you credit. This is how it should always be done, learn from the critic and making the track better right away.
Yes, this is definately an improvement! Keep it up!
Make as many versions of it as you like, a change of skill is a change of style!
All very pleasant, however I wasn't keen on the lead. Would have liked to have heard it played more freestyle instead of so quantized.
(fixup to my earlier comment) - This is a nice try :) Keep on creating your own style, I think you can improve your skills around that... It is better than just improving your earlier remix, make it more original. I think it's worth it. Keep it going!
Nice but nothing special!
I agree wholeheartedly.
Sounds ok, but the drums are too monotone.
Love Spellbound.... Love this remix....
A very good remix (of a tune which I actually don't like very much in the first place). Some new tweaks, jamming or whatever could have been welcome.
Solid production, the arrangement is a bit boring and predictable, but technically it's good.
One of my favorite versions of Spellbound. Well done!
A lot better than the first effort, and flows quite well. If only some of the notes weren't wrong (there's some real howlers two minutes in)...
While this remix is quite average... Bonus point for trying again :-)
Nothing special to me.
I liked the game. Very much likes the remix! The bass sounds well very much!
Like day to night comparsion. Like your style of remix
Yeah I like this, its a cover of of sorts but with different instruments, nothing wrong in that I suppose, but.... Look just take a snipit and build your own track around it, it does work you know. Still.. Good track man!

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