Numero Uno (Feat. Forensic)

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Arranged by:
BeeZerk Veteran
Composed by:
K. Røstøen & Glenn R.Gallefoss
All-Time charts position:

Had the idea to this Track while i was watching Pr0n ;-) he he, true

Found the Lyrics a while ago and thought they would fit into the instrumental and spice the production up.


Have Phun!

Numero Uno (Feat. Forensic)
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BeeZerk is back with a corker. Clean sparkly sounds with a great rap keeping you listening. Superb stuff.
Really cool track!
Happy groovy feeling :) makes me smile
Beezerk goes hip hop - not the worst idea. Good rapper with nice flow and a light tune with a super groovy bassline. So apparrent flaws in the arrangement - short: Thumbs up!
Hip Hop is not my cup of tea, but this music is very good composed!
Very nice track, even though I'm not especially fond of rapping.
I like rap and I dig this remix. Good work, Beezerk!
Really nice mix and use of rap track... Good work BeeZerk....
Nice summerset music, style a little remids me of Turntable Rocker - No Melody. Song ending is a little sudden, does not really fit.
Please release a version without the talking rubbish.
Extremly cool stuff, mate...
"The voting smiley should represent the smile you had on the face when listening to the remix. " I'm still smiling ;)
Rarely do I listen to hip-hop but this is outstanding!
I usually don't like lyrics on remixes, but damn this rap is catchy!
Yeah yeah!
Maybe technically well done (because this I give a good), but sorry, sounds like MTV or similar... And I don't like the style.
Not my style, but well done!
Very nice. Has not only Turntablerockers in it, but also a bit Jazzy Jeff
Rap with a capital 'C' leave this *rap out - it sucks
Your tunes are usually so great, why rap, why??? It is NOT music! Same without the bad guys, please.
Actually I like Beezerk and I also like Hip-Hop music. But these two don't seem to fit together. Technically brilliant, though!

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