bLAZER - Battle Squadron Highscore (bLAZER's Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
bLAZER Remixer
Original composed by:
Ron Klaren
All-Time charts position:
Great choice of sounds, but the arrangement itself left me wanting - I can't put my finger on it, but something is missing here.
Nice. Smooth. Elegant.
Strange at times but nice :)
I really like the almost theremin like portamento synth
Yo! You could use some fx loop or somethin to fill the track much more; trackcould be much louder. Nevertheless good track, I don't know the original, bur your remix 'makes good' :P BTW. What vsti plays the main melodie?
Nice work, I have never heard the origional but this is great!
What is that synnth looping sound because I don't like it.. :( It is hard to listen for me... Makes me sleepy, snoring, yawning and nervous at the same time..
After a few listens, I have decided to give this a red face.. Its bloody lovely is this
Well done.:-)
Very nice ambiance!

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