Gold Quest II Remix

Track info
Gold Quest II Remix
Arranged by:
CZ Tunes Veteran
Composed by:
Richard Bayliss
All-Time charts position:
Ok tune. Nothing more to say about it though. No weak parts, and it sounds good.
Too much loudness, not enough dynamic range in my optinion. That's why the drums have no punch. Anyway, it's not bad.
Good tune. It´s a typicall CZ Tunes-C64-Style, so don´t complain about the bass. I like this kind of old school remixes ^^
For me the bass is quite good and overall I really like the tune...
Personally I like CZ Tunes tracks. But this one sounds kinda hollow. Somehow lifeless. And I need to cut down my bass preferences to hear it.
I lile this kind of smooth pointless trance :-)
Me too, prowler. But it lacks that extra little punch. I guess it's much because of the original tune, not only your work. Between good and very good, as some parts are very good and some parts are not.
Too lifeless and repetitive.
It's good, but you can do better!
The background music could be a little louder, nothing special too repetetive so very borring very fast
Very good

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