Fairlight - Hideaway Studio Remix

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Fairlight - Hideaway Studio Remix
Arranged by:
D.A.Wilson Veteran
Composed by:
Comrade J
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Originally a tribute to the pseudo 2 channel intro music to the ZX Spectrum Game Fairlight by Bo Jangeborg rewritten in module format on the Amiga by Mike Alsop. This module was used in at least two Amiga demos. For unknown reasons a different tune was used in the C64 version of the game Fairlight although the same tune in SID format exists under a different name
Abba at certain points... Not always a bad thing of course...
Wow cool sound its so lovely
A good sounding remix with nice use of instruments.. BUT. It's to simple and to repeating.. It sounds like it's looped. More improvisation and take some original (own) parts in use to!
Absolutely great, but that 128k mp3 kinda spoils it...
Great instrument iin the beginning, After that this tune fails to deliver... Dry a bit midi-like sound, with reverb.. And too little variation
Nice choice of instruments, mate
I prefer the c64 tune, but this is awesome!!
Wheeew, cool mix. Well done.:-)
Nicely done.

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