damongp - TFX - Intro - Remix

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damongp Adept
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Never expected to see a remix of the theme of this classic flight sim... Good combination of instruments. Very powerful... Captures the spirit of the game very well.
Nice remix - artistically great - my only slight gripe it that it sounds like the entire mix has been washed through the same reverb - still... Good stuff :)
This is a very surprising and good remix. The beginning sounds like the soundtrack of days of thunder. Good Instrumentchoice and very harmonic.
Very good! This Remix is a BIG surprise!
The reverb is flattening everythig I think. Artistically ok, nothing to shout home about but a nice first go. The tune itself is unspectacular though.
Very, VERY good.
This isn't really good.. Bad production, All instruments is mixed way wrong making it muddy and unclear. The idea is good but the execution of it is terrible!!
Wow, what a great mix! Wonderfull done!:-)
Gets better the longer it plays, but the long warmup drags it out and makes the song too long
TFX lovely soundtrack! But a bit muddy and reverby this remix, yeah
Pretty good.
Review by jackal


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A little dreamier than I would have liked, that lead synth voice is supposed to cut thru like a razor, A few bum notes / chords. The original was very sample dependant, so it's a difficult one to remix. It's still one I'd like to redo myself.. Missed the double time drums at the end,. Good guitar work though. Might wanna work on the overall mix of the piece a little more. Clarify each instrument on its own..