Dekubitussi - The Last Ninja - The Palace (Loader)

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I can see what they are trying to do but the EQ/Mastering and overuse of reverb make this an extremely muddy remix.
Wow, indeed. I really hope this was live, because if there was even a slim chance that this was really mixed on a PC, the person should get a full-year ban on any effect-tabs the utilites have to offer. The lack of any intro doesn't help the case.
I like that you have attempted this sone, and I hop e the reverb is for a concert-feel, but its head bangin' A bit nuts for some, but this is a great tune and tricky to remix I think. Needs more instruments like the old arp-stylee.
As others have mentioned, mixing aint good. I am guessing you did mixing with headphones or with laptop speakers. Anyhow this is pretty close to the original and that is pretty hard song to cover, so yellow smiley from me.
I like the hectic chaos idea, but percussion and instruments seems to weak.
Brave attempt! Lots of wrong notes, and the sound quality is a bit - let's say: raw! But I like the idea and I love the original SID.
Sounds like a rushed production. Poor mixing, uninspiring groove, hardly any feeling in the guitar playing. This needs a lot of cleanup.
You did take some pills, didn't you? Slow down and focus!
It hurts while listening
Sounds a bit rushed, and the mixing lets it down somewhat.
If you're really drunk I guess this could work...
Thrashy style. Needs more choreography and finetuning with drums ans bass
Terrible drums, terrible mixing... Check out xxDustyxx's or Mind Movement's version to learn...
Nicodaemus is right on target. This would be fun to hear live, but it just made me want to skip to the next track otherwise. Obviously great technical skills, though.
What Skitz said.

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