Track info
Arranged by:
Dekubitussi Remixer
Composed by:
Kjell Nordbø
All-Time charts position:
Same thing as with 'Cakes taste Good' - good arrangement and overall balanse, but needs more mastering.
It's another case of nice arrangement, more time needed on the mixing. Shame because again it sounds promising here.
This could have been a masterpiece. But, as mentioned by the others, lacks any post-production and feels flat because of it.
What this lacks in finish, it makes up for in exceptional arrangement! I simply love the drum work on this! A proper mastering would've done this track good.
True awesomeness!
I agree with Drax on this one. Minus for the post production (or lack of so) but red face nevertheless.
You can never really top Kjell's original arrangments, but you can try and this is trying like hell, great job.
Review by NecroPolo


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

C'mon guys, you all have that, so turn on your AGC/masterprocc for this one. I did it and was blown away

Please, listen to the boys and learn the dark secrets of mastering. It will improve all things on the long run. You already have the chops, the idea and style. You just need to power up the sound to the level of the other fine elements.

Besides, I'm really glad that someone took the huge challenge of remixing Kjell's excellent music. Have my respect for that!