DHS - The Chase (Sword of Honour)

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The Chase (Sword of Honour)
Arranged by:
DHS Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
John Carehag
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I'm working on a 80's inspired music EP (originals); then I asked myself why don't you, idiot, make a c64 remix on the style?.

And here we are.

I chosed Sword of Honour because i always loved the chorus section, simple and epic at the same time, and because, being a very short SID (about 50 secs) i had a lot of freedom working around it.

For the track (as for the EP) I collaborated with NightCream, wich is a duo of very talented writers and singers. In this case the vocals were rushed because of time constrains but I love them nonetheless.


Lyrics and Vocals: NightCream.
Based on the original SID by John Ziphoid Carehag.
Production, mix, synths and evertything else by DHS.

NightCream are Geena Stanford and Greg Porcaro.

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Have fun!

Cool! I think there is some clipping here and there? Otherwise it sounds excellent. Outstanding overall!
Teh awesomest! :D I've never heard any of my tracks being turned into something completely different, but I'm loving it!
Perfect pastiche of 80s italo-disco style. One minor complaint: I think the vocals should be pulled forward in the mix more.
ILike! Fresh materials, vocals and - a little bit of KingFury :P
Great retro vibes and killer vocals & production!
Cool soundtrack, don't really dig the vocals tho. No vocal version?
Another great one from DHS! Awesome comeback tune, dude.
Only a word: Wow!!
My favourite cazzone does it again! Great to see you back.
The 80s are back! Pro-quality vocals! Added to my collection.
Awesome, mate!
Someone has been listening to Kavinski (which is a good thing, mind you :) )
Would have loved to hear more from Geena instead of Greg.
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

DHS has done it again with another amazing tune. I really like the lyrics in this one, as it reminds me of a song you would hear in an 80s buddy cop film.