DJ Mitch - It's a Noisy Pillars Tune 2 (Ketchup Girls Mix)

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It's a Noisy Pillars Tune 2 (Ketchup Girls Mix)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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Superb flow
Superb indeed. Mixing could be a tad better imho...
It has a very good Pet Shop Boys feeling to it (think "It's a Sin") with modern dance elements, but unfortunately the mix is too washed out, there's too much reverb.
Its a SID! Fan bloodytastic
Nice and very nice!
Everything I ever done... Its a sin!
Someone really caught the idea of this sid... It is definately related to the Pet Shop Boys tune... Excellent ;)
I'm not a big fan of dance tracks, but this is a very good Remix!
It's a Sin is a great song and this is a great remix. Could be technically better though.
It's not often these trancy remixes make an impression on me, but this one does. And as others have mentioned, you nailied it with the Pet Shop Boys style.
Smacking my head against the wall in honour!!!! Great
For higher rank I must listen to it more closely or it just very good
Love the Pet Shop Boys incorporation!
After hearing it a few times, it really grows on me :) Production is Hi-Fi... As always!
It's good one, I don't sound of that noisy fat saws.
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It's a sin!
The start of this remix made me check if Pet Shop Boys had got into my playlist. Near copying the start, I was afraid of this getting in violation with the copyrights.
But then it woke up. It sounds like a fresh take on the song, and there isnt a trace of Ketchup in it.
The reverb could have been dampened somewhat, there is a lot of sound hitting the ear, but all in all, its a great soundtrack feel to it.
Best used when fealing down after a sin...