Ice Age (.com Unity)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dr Future Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
All-Time charts position:
I like it for the most part, but parts of it sound somewhat incomplete. Well mixed over all, some interesting ideas.
Reminds me of spacesynth from the 80's, very nice leads and overall soundscape. I don't like all ideas, but most of it is great!
I know red - some issues - but parallax meets frankie goes to hollywood - Id love more bass but I do think you made a Stunning effort - last few years your have Jumped in quality. Nice work
@chilli_uk: That is realy Modern talking ;) I agree with you but as LaLa said, Stutter is fighting with the lead but he certainly did a good job with this one. *thumbs up*
Cool sounds! Very good mixing :) High class! Red one!
Superb 80s italo/space disco feel, spotless mixing. The stutter effect is overused, though, it's distracting. The lead sounds should be fatter. But the arrangement is very good!
I like the stuttering fx! But the kickdrum is maybe a little bit too powerful in the mix (too bassy). Otherwise nifty remix!:)
Cool stuff
Not bad, but not my cup of tea either.

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