Sarcophaser (SAW #1)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dr Future Veteran
Composed by:
Karsten Obarski
All-Time charts position:
Excellent pop, although rather a backing track - sounds like it's missing the lead singer.;)
Really neat, but yes, it lacks something. Nice mixing and arrangement.
Like it :) nice arranged
I played the game, I like the gamemusic and I like this one! Nice done.:-)
Superb :D
Very good job!
Nice and fast song, I can dance on it
First you win me with that fine-fine clean guitar intro, but it vanishes into NOWHERE only to give way for some soft synth 4/4 pop saccharine s. Tuff for old people - the only thing missing is a cheesy "latin" singer...
Oh yeah! This keeps me going for a while!
Splendid! Yes indeed, sounds a bit Karakoke'ish, with lead singer this would be even better!:)
I Like it!!
Real nice sound.

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