One man and his droid

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Arranged by:
Dummy Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
Very nice. One of few classically arranged pieces I've enjoyed listening to.
Kewl beans. This remix was unexpected and the touch is nice and dramatic.
Good one. Retains the spirit of the original tune very well!
Very well orchestrated! Obviously a ton of work went into this and it shows. Great job!
Orchestral stuff is not really for me - usually. This one is an exception. Excellent work, to bits! Welcome to the board BTW :)
Like LaLa said. Thumbs up for this orchestral version!
One word! Awesome!
WHOA. It's got such a lovely Errol Flynn swashbuckling feel to it. Not a moment rings false in the orchestration, brilliant stuff.
I like it. Kinda Final Fantasyish. :P
Good work!
Indiana Jones-y
Top orchestral mix.... Well done
Sounds really Super Smash Bros. Brawl! Like, and it's AWESOME!;)
Very good remix!!!
Great One!
This tune lacks the spirit of a real orchestra. Could be used as background music for Command & Conquer or something, but not very enjoyable for listening! As always with artificial orchestras!
Great piece of classical music! Feels very cinematic.
Superb work! Top class skill in editing and production
This is the best symphonic arranged piece I've heard here so far. Perhaps a bit more planned panning, that's all :)
My compliments to the author
I agree with omoroca, there is no pathos.

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