Target Renegade (August 1999 remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Ferrara Veteran
Composed by:
Gary Biasillo
All-Time charts position:
As the name implies, this remix was done in August, 1999 by a request from a fan of c64 remixes (don't remember his name offhand, sorry).

This MP3 version is basically the original output from FastTracker II. I only EQ'd the entire tune to brighten it up a bit and bring just a bit

more bass to it. Even the abrupt fadeout at the end is the original FT-fade :O)

Nice arrangement and all, but it could use a sound update. :) Good to see that Ferrara is releasing things again, though. Now I'm looking forward to new remixes from him.:)
Ferrara, I really loved your Last Ninja Remixes. This one needs some work, though
Probably inspired by J. M-Jarre - and mixed with some Robert Miles styles: Good formula
Good sound
Definitely sounds dated by today's standards. Enjoyable arrangement, but that's about it.
Excellent rendition of one of the best title themes ever made! "Urban atmospheres", that's what it got.
Well performed and produce for 12 years ago buts thats all can be said, good though
I love it' Cool!
Great and with love arranged
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Really like this!

Didnt read the info until afterwards,but thought it had a very mod sound, but charming nonetheless. Sort of Giorgio Morodor vibe too.

A fave c64 tune of mine, rendered lovely here.

Would love if you were to breathe new life into instruments tho!