GeckoYamori - Zool Elektrorock Remix

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GeckoYamori Remixer
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Nice work! Love the little intro (is that MIDI?)...
Is that Lotus III? ;-) Very good
This is on of my favs on here. :) Good Work!
Nice sound - worth to listen!!
GeckoYamori knows his stuff
Alohaaaaaa, what a great mix!
The first 40 seconds are painful. Rest is a decent rock rendition.
That intro shouldda ended about six seconds earlier
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zool... amiga's answer to sonic and mario... wasnt too shabby at all either but i do believe an alien ant was a bit of a crap mascot.. but hey thats just my opinion.

this starts out sounding like its being played through an old wireless stereo and sounds pretty quirky for it but it works great.. especially when it fades in to full speaker glory and the song leaps into full patrick phelan mode.. fun fun fun fun.

I loved this song, more so when it was in the lotus esprit game than in zool i didnt feel it worked well enough within the games atmosphere.. but im taking this remix on its merit not where it came from and for that its getting full thumbs up from me... gecko has seriously moved on and upwards and is rapidly becoming a very formidable remixer and here he is showing off some pretty impressive reverb work and an artistic flair rarely seen outside of the big boys.. they know who they are .

So what we have here is a pretty damn fly rejiggle of a very classic amiga tune that is definetly worth downloading.. my only real gripe with the tune is its far far far too short and would have faired better for being a tad longer.

apart from that... near as perfect as i think a electronic remix of this tune is gonna get... kudos to gecko .