Hank (Lukasz Drzewiecki) - Love 3

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Original composed by:
Wojciech Radziejewski (Shogoon)
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Not as good as The Great Gianna Sister, but polished and clear remix with nice sounds - mixing is good but not great with the guitars but other wise very good.
The saxaphone at the end, ruins it a bit for me cos up to that point it was quite gothic/industrial techno'ish then suddenly there was the strong wiff of 80's nostalgia and everytime I hear a saxaphone I think of michael bolton :(
Not sure - I like the intro, but the fast parts I dislike somehow: I miss a clear sound, there's too much noise. The sax and the distorted guitars, the chorus it's just too much noise.
Everytime I hear a sax I think of Madness hah hah... Still, overall very impressive.
Yep, the sax ruins it... As said, M Bolton goes goth!
Interesting, but the mix sounds a bit clamped in the highs. Crank that EQ up and drop the sax.
Way to incoherent and noisy
Nice Metallica call of ktulu cover at the intro, but thats about it.
Not my cup of tea! Some of the "guitars" sound like Amiga samples.
Starts off nicely enough but gets lost somewhat once the guitars kick in. And that saxophone just ruins what could have been a good mix.
Quite ok, choirs are too artificial for me... So is the sax...

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