Heartek - Generator Love ft. Cybernoid II

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Arranged by:
Heartek Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
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This is very nice stuff! Not what's usuallly found on this site :-) (but a bit too much happy pop and too little electronic for my personal taste...)
Ambitious and probably a lot more successful with other people on this site. I miss some C64 remix - Cybernoid 2 is so far in the background with the same passage and a few drum lines it can't be called featured. That takes points off in my eyes.
Sooo fresh really cool lyrics.... Ahhhh great stuff love it :D
Reminds me of high school musical - professionally mixed but cheesy and for 8 year old kids
Rather professional, but still cheesy. Just like an intro to some japanese anime or something. =P
Is it a remix when the orginal tune is more annoyin than an enrichment? Where are the lyrics? :D. A. B. S. O. U. T. L. Y Great.
My all time favorite c64 tune is cybernoid 2 and sorry but listening to this just kills my memories, just does not belong here! There again I hate any lyrics in any c64 remixes.
Enjoyed the You Tube video! Yeh, theres not much in there from Cybernoid II, but none the less an exciting change!
Absolutely professional mixing, great production. I am not too crazy about the SID tune in there as is, but it is integrated very well. Awesome videoclip here.
Excellent mixing and instruments, but it sounds like the soundtrack to Naruto Shippuuden, is that a good thing or bad I'm not too sure.
Very well performed, but would like to hear more of the C64 tune...
Well produced and full of ideas, energy and creativity. A new approach to this original SID but not my style. The final production is a bit distorted here and there. Be a little more careful next time but all in all a very good remix…
Awesome stuff! Nothing to crit here :)
Interesting... Not a fan of it, but something different in here.
As boring as a Samantha Fox song in the 80's (with no boobs), sorry...
Vocals making me crazy
Absolutely great!
Fisrt try, first success. Wait for an another ;)
Not so much left from the original, but anyway, really cool and I love the song too!
I'm pretty open for different way of thinking but cheesy lyrics kill that anyway superb tune. Is it that difficult to create lyrics that fit the high level of music, production and dmn good singer like this...? EDIT: goes up +1 with time :)
Loads of energy, great for a jump about to, anyway I really enjoyed the lyrics, there's something really charming about those lyrics, a sort of hippy-ish hope for the future even though it didn't come off. And it's an original take on Cybernoid 2.
OMG why haven't I heard this before the ROTY? O. O It is awesome!
Great Hard Rock voice! Why these Plastic-Pop drums?
Great tune, quite catchy. Wish it had more of Cybernoid 2 tune.
Ahh interesting take, the drums are a bit weak but otherwise kinda cool.
Catchy and original, I only wish I could understand more than 10% of the lyrics!

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