Ic3m4n - Back to Blue (Iced Soul Mix)

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This SID was a real pain to do...i like it a lot, but it was really hard to get it right...

Hope you like this track, because it has eaten hours (weeks and month) of my time...started to work on it in April/May this year ! After two weeks of work, i had to put it aside, because it was killing my nerves to re-build the bassline & find the corresponding chords. So i worked at it from time to time ... till now. And i think it´s ready to release - have fun listening.

Hope you enjoy it !
Again, nice idea. Could be good for "background music" when you're in one of those moods. The piano has some bum notes in it though.
Don't know the original, but the notes sound kind of wrong here and there... Could have been very nice if applied on a different tune with not-so-strange/wrong notes?
Nice start. But then it seems a bit disharmonic. Overall a nice tune.
The main gist of it is there, it just needs some more work on the wrong notes
Didnt like, sorry. Sounds too random, and everytime it sounds like the piano is going to play a nice phrase, it ends up going off on a tangent and sounding very odd. Still, its from 2008, we all know ic3m4n is capable of some awesome tunes :)

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