Buzzie Gets Drunk With Booze

Track info
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Composed by:
Fredrik Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
All-Time charts position:
Thank you all for your comments ! ...and for the votes ;) Will keep that in mind!

Song-Info: I really love the melodies by Fegolhuzz...they have something special. I am glad that most of you also like that remix.

Thank you all for your comments!

@ infamous: thanks, pal

@ nummer2: thank you! nice to hear :P

@ paralax: thanks for not judging by personal taste ;)

@ Master Baator: thanks a lot! But i think i´ll go on with the more unknown tunes for a while ;)

@ prowler: thanks! i´ll keep that in mind
Listening to this on musical merit as ive never heard the original and musically.. Bloody good stuff makes ya bob along with it, good stuff icey
Also great stuff :) love it im really a fan of your mixes
You are a skilled composer, I know, but go for some better original tunes in the future, when remixing with your style. Something like Glider Rider or the like. Keep up your good work!!!
Nice :D
Very nice stuff yes! But also I agree with the above, when the original is not that good and you should allow yourself even more changes to improve the tune!
Funny little tune, but the mixing is a bit weird.
Jumpin'happy tune, very nice

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