Ic3m4n - Mooz (What is Hip Hop mix)

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Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Piotr Kuciapski (Wizard)
All-Time charts position:

After i had arranged the track...i searched for voice talents that could fit in....and found Forensic (4nsic)...i arranged the track one more for a bitter suiting and added that modified tuba. I like the lyrics a lot and also that melodie...and both together work really fine ( at least for me ;) ) What do you think  about this 'Happy Hip-Hop' ?

Have fun & enjoy the listening !

Interesting idea, but the compression has made the final mix a bit muddy and I think the tune and the rap don't complement each other.
Sorry, but rapping and SID-remixes are just not compatible.
I like the combination of the happy melodies and the vocals. Nice work...
Awesome! Never expected that a hip hop tune can make ma happy!
This sucks big time - (C)Rap with a capital-C
LAL thats really crazy shit but I like it omg what an idea xD but could be done much better dont fit at all
So wrong.. So painful.. I need a sharp object to dig out my ears!
I like this track. Its very creative and imaginative and even though Im not a rap fan at all, it fits with the music quite well. The production could be better, but Id rather hear an interesting tune than yet another well produced Last Ninja remix anyday!
Very very good remix mate!
Loose the vocals for a better rating!!
This reminded me why I liked hip-hop once. It's a bit flawed, especially the mastering, but catchy and for a rap mix it works exceptionally well. Maybe he shouldn't say "hip-hop" so much but I like that the lyrics are positive.

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