Chaos Engine

Track info
Arranged by:
Infamous Veteran
Composed by:
Farook & Haroon Shamsher
All-Time charts position:
I love that oldschool Hardcore Sound! Rember me in Hit the Decks Mix Compilation! Outstanding for me!:)
Sorry, not my cup of Latte...
Asskicking drums
I really like your work, Infamous and this is no exception. Being a huge fan og rave, I need a melodic part in it and the flute is a bad choice. The drums and the composition in general is great. I am between a yellow and an orange...
Great stuff! But I have to agree with Baator, this kind of music needs a melodic "carrier", and the flute is exluded from the rest as the arrangement is now...
First off why 128kbps? Second I like what you've done but its way too repetitive.
It isn`t poor - it isn`t very good. It`s more than average, but not THAT good. Something between.... I need a seventh Vote-Icon!!!!
Have to agree with Daxx. Well done!:-)
I like the "rough" sound - fine remix ;)

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