Johan Andersson - Out Run - Magical Sound Shower

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Johan Andersson Specialist
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Would have liked a faster tempo but this is a very well produced remix. Nice!
Very nice stereo mixing. Everything sounds really nice (not a fan of the steel string sound here. Sounds like a direct input pickup?).
Niiiice :D
Johan delivers again! Relaxing, leisurely pace with the top down on our Testarossa. Ride on!
Ok, nice ideas but room for improvements
Review by drm


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Outrun was one of the great arcade racers of the 80's and although the port to the c64 wasn't quite the experience the music got us closer. There are several Outrun remixes to listen to each vying for the congratulations and this one by Johan's is decent - even matching Peter W's award winning effort in terms of production. The guitar rhythm playing is tight and are accompanied by a nice palette of sounds that blend well together. However there is one flaw in this could be gem of a remix - it's far too slow. It's rather like listening to a 45rpm on 33rpm which kills that warm fuzzy adrenaline fueled nostalgia of the original. Maybe remixers spend so much time and effort making the track it begins to sound right and who can blame them after all, it is up to the remixer to dictate the tempo of their productions. Yet in this case it is from a racing game and in my opinion it needs that extra 20-30 bpm added on. In summary it's a great track and I'd urge you to download it if you are a fan of Outrun. I'd also advise that if you have a pitch shift or timestretch app then use it on the track and it really shifts from lo to hi gear...