LMan - Froehn (Carnival In Rio Mix)

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Froehn (Carnival In Rio Mix)
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Fröhn was a really entertaining piece of game software. The whole thing (coding, graphics and music) was done by one man, Frank Wienberg. The SID actually sounds like a Rob Hubbard one, propably because Frank used Hubbard's engine? Anyhow, although there's no english version of the game that I know of, I strongly recommend giving it a try - it's real fun, and the music rocks!

First off, I tried this "Carnival In Rio" style just for fun, but it actually seemed to work, and it turned out pretty good, methinx! I also did an early-90s-happy-hardcore version of it...
  • Love & Kisses to Sunflower!
  • Respect to Frank Wienberg for Fröhn!
  • Greetings to all the nice folks at Remix64 and c64rmx!

- LMan
Froehn (Carnival In Rio Mix)
Nice idea with the Carnival, but it's lacking the energy of the original
Authentic! Could be the next summer hit on Ibiza or something!
Thanks for this great remix of my song! The good ol' times...
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This song starts out so well, but then it tries to add to the tune to complete it and that's where it becomes weak. Sorry. I really like the instrument arrangement. I don't like the fade out at the end. A Rio type song in my opinion should have some kind of grand finale, instead of fading out like a 80s rock. The original melody should come back one final time or something.

As far as Froehn goes, it's hard to find.