Lolo from GP - Chuck Rock Theme (REVISITED)

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Lolo from GP Specialist
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The Chuck Rock theme is something we already covered ages ago but this is a new version.


During the recording process, the need to add some programmed keyboards to enrich the mix appeared. Having chosen a great Hammond organ plugin, the arrangement fully entered the seventies territory, particularly the work of the band Uriah Heep, who mixed organ and heavy guitars to multi-part vocal harmonies to achieve a typical wall of sound that (slightly) distinguished  them from their main competitors Deep Purple.


This arrangement is a direct reference to the music of that era. Hence the rather muddy mix, but hey, if you call it muddy, someone who spends all of his/her car-driving time listening to old-school rock might call it crystal clear. Music must breath!


Guitar and arrangement : Laurent Roucairol.

Drums done with Toontracks EZDrummer.

Recorded and mixed under FL Studio (april 2018).

Professionally executed, lacks engagement.
I like the arrangement, it just comes across a bit muddy - like it was recorded in a club on a phone (unless that was the aim, in which case nailed it)
Review by MoonshineFox


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

It's a good remix insomuch as it's professionally put together. I don't find it overly engaging personally however. It's lacking something to make me really jump on it. I can't tell if it's in the mixing or the arrangement or if it's simply not to my taste, but it feels somewhat bland. (It might also be my lack of nostalgia for the game, as I really never got into the Chuck Rock series). Overall technically good, mixing is a bit muddy and song is very well arranged.