Lolo from GP - Turrican II (The Final Fight)

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This is the first of 8 tracks series of Amiga covers. The project was to record an Amiga dedicated EP, like we did for the C64 some time ago. The production of this track became a template for the 7 others, as far as mixing and sound instruments are concerned. For this Chris Huelsbeck cover, after laying down the drums and bass for the whole song, the parts were recorded step by step following the original, resulting in a very faithful arrangement (but some other tracks of the EP contain more original input).

It's very difficult to bring something new to the table with this song. The composition is so dense and inspired, even adding a guitar solo seems difficult. And it's also 7mns long so this version keeps the original tempo and structurally, the only difference is that it doesn't loop. Rendering the intro was like a test : if it had failed, the project would have immediately stopped. Once this intro was done, the rest was not so hard to manage, like if every part of the song was derivative of the preceding.

All synths and organs were programmed with a piano-roll view, drums were done with EZDrummer built-in patterns for more realism, and I played guitar and bass through an Marshall amp simulator. The guitar used is a 2010 Les Paul with some help from a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby wah-pedal (that I want to pay tribute to because it died a few days ago, after more than 25 years of service...).


(the Youtube video description contains a download link for the mp3)

Quite a long track that is a bit blant in the beginning but it picks up quite nicely and ends up earning an Orange. Well done.
Thoroughly enjoyable track. Doesn't deviate too much from the original, but the enhanced drumming and little embelshments here and there add up to an enjoyable mix.
Pretty cool live sounding rendition.
I agree with Aknotronic. It's the change of instruments at around 3 mins that gives the mix life.

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