M.A.F - Nicky Boom 2003 Clubbin It Mix

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This game was definately not the creame de la creame of Amiga platformers,but i always loved the soundtrack to this little French gaming effort from Paris based publisher Microids,especialy the level one in game melody.

Being a dance music fan (though not a great musician) i thought i would have a go at making the main melody into a dance type tune. So i gave it a go using the midi gear i had built up since '95.

This remix was created in May 1999 and was originaly never intended to be an Amiga Game Tune Remix but was uploaded to this site in 2003 because i could basicly!

Sequenced on an Amiga1200 and mixed with little eq straight to CD so forgive me for some bad production.

Compared to the original game tune though,i believe that ive tried to be creative in making the tune drasticly different. I think i succeeded and im pleased with it in that respect.

With the likes of ATB,Maurio Piccoto ,Paul Van Dyke and Binary Finary around at the time,i WANTED to create a remix with a similar sound to their productions but was limited to the sound capabilites of my midi gear and my own sound and production skills.This is still a remix of a tune with the 4 to the floor most definately ;)

The infamous kickdrum in this tune was created on a  Roland SH09,i recorded it to tape and sampled it back in to the Amiga with the bass turned up on the tape player..This is how i got Amiga samples and especialy drum samples to have more punch by adding EQ to the sounds before sampling the sounds into the Amiga.The Amiga would record all of those frequences during sampling.

Kickdrum,hihat,snare and a recording of myself clapping were the only samples used in this tune.

Other instruments were:-

Boss Dr550 drum machine.
Roland MVS1 Vintage Synth Module.
Cheeta MS6 Analogue Synth Module...

..the bass sound is from the Roland MVS1...i recorded it quickly on a saturday afternoon A freind who had loaned me a Phillips stand alone CD recorder was going back to Ireland that day so i quickly asigned the bass tone to one i thought was suitable,but it wasn't,i found that out later when listening back.

Effects were from a Zoom 9010 palm top effects unit.

Mixed to the Phillips CD recorder via a Mackie 1202 micro mixer.

I sequenced all of this mix in a demo version of Octamed Pro A very usable piece of software on the Amiga for non musicians like me.

Superbly balanced mix, nicely use of outboard & pitch bend on the lead synths too - well done!
Great instruments and effects!
... As amigamer said! Very good one, man!
One of my favourite remixes from the site, since it was released. I like the lead synth instrument as well. Good job.
This one rocks!!!
Super mix :D
Damn what a cool track, I had to go listen to the original! Found me a gem from 2003/2004!
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Nicky Boom was definitely not my favourite Amiga game - at a time when platform jump' n runs were an overkill on Commodore's machine of the 90ies, I used to prefer action and action adventure games, so needless to say the tune from this game did not stick in my head (hence the grey smiley for nostalgia...). A lot of games from the UK (and this one was if I'm not mistaken) used dancefloor sounds and sample-o-ramas like Renegade's Magic Pockets, Xenon 2 and Gods, which is where this take on the Nicky Boom tune takes over from. Some strangely detuned sounds kick off the track followed by a dance environment suitable for destroying your hi-fi's sub-woofer alright. There's some straightforward arrangements here, neat production - it just lacks the bangs & whistles however. I would have liked to hear some more up to date dance sounds... Nevertheless, the track does make me smile from about half way through, with the actual melody taking over and spreading its "feel-good" vibe. Michael, my suggestion would be to re-re-mix this track, remove the slow build up at the start and throw in some more moderns effects and bass. Check out the current batch of tracks from Paul Van Dyk or Blank & Jones to see what I mean. That would probably make the yellow smiley turn into an orange one - if done correctly. Nice work, nonetheless.