Mahoney - Spellbound - Swing mix v2

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Spellbound - Swing mix v2
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Mahoney Veteran
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Mahoney's How to guide of mixing the Spellbound swing mix:

0. Choose a sid tune to remix.

1. Get a hold of Sidplay. Turn off two of the three channels and do a Save as of the song to a .wav-file on disc.

2. Do the same for the other two channels.

3. Extract interesting blirps and noise.

4. Hum the tune by yourself. Try to figure out if it resembles something you've recently heard.

5. Find that song you think it could match. Play the song. Find out if it fits.

6. Rip the song from your CD to a .wav-file.

7. Choose a key and a tempo that fits both the sid and the background music.

8. Timestretch both the lead and the background music to the same bpm.

9. Pitch shift both the lead and the background music to the same key.

10. Cut and paste the background music so it fits the harmonies of the sid lead.

11. Don't ask nicely. Just do it. If you ask nicely, you'll never do it.

12. Add some reverb to the lead to make it fit to the background music.

13. Go to bed.

14. Listen to you mix the next day. Make some minor adjustments.

15. Upload it to

16. Go hug your girlfriend and tell her she's wonderful!

Have a noise night! / Pex Mahoney Tufvesson
This shit is the coolest shit ever!
Hey Daddio, this is.... Like.. COOOL!!!!
This is just weird... I don't know why I like it, I just do.
Thanks. Genial
Fantastic style-mixing!
Amazing how many styles Mahoney is capable of doing! Added to my collection.
It swings!!!
I usually like your style, but in this particular case it sounds like two different songs in parallel which don't mix so well. Still, the instrumental part is awesome as always.
Review by amarok


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

There is only one word to sum-up this remix, and that is 'AWESOME'! There's also only one way to listen to this remix, and that is LOUD! Right from the start the drums put you in the mood, then when the jazzy intro comes in you're well away. Not many people could pull off remixing Spellbound into a Swing mix, but Mahoney did it, and did it brilliantly. I have to say that this is (to-date) my favourite C64-remix, and it's certainly one of the most original remixes I've heard. It's technically sound - all the individual parts can be heard with amazing clarity, and the piece never gets boring or repetitive. It's not too long, nor too short, and the whole thing fits together like a glove. Don't expect this remix to stir lots of nostalgic emotions within you though, because let's face it: the original Spellbound was not a swing piece! Even so, the main melody is there and is easily distinguishable from the rest of the parts. If you haven't heard it yet, what are you waiting for? Download it now!!