Markus Siebold - Turrican II Summer Remix 2004

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Turrican II goes trance, and whilst it's bright and breezy enough to be a bit summery, it's lost in the mixing department. It sounds a bit muddy and not quite there somehow. Shame really, cos the actual remix itself isn't that bad.
Clubby summer trance in time for, erm, summer. Lead gets way too bogged down tho, needs a good mixing
Quite boring
This is a wonderful RKO-is-back-after-the-downtime hymn. Extra kudos for that!;-)
Sounds more or less the same as the one you released in 2003? :-) Since that one still is in my playlist, I can't argue with this one. Good stuff!
Should be good with better samples
Can picture myself at the beach drinking beer with this tune pumping from my Ipod. Great!
This is more like a remix of GO WEST with PET SHOP BOYS, hear for youselfe on YouTube: www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=39KZ2afBtLU
It has bad sound quality, it is boring to listen to and it just doesn't sound nice at all.
Nope! Not my kinda style I'd expect from a remix of this tune here! Sorry. Also the mixing lacks quite much of quality here...
Idea is very good, but sound... It takes it down.
Sounds muffled... And much too repetitive...
Mediocre remix and studio work from an awesome composer. If I might say that, I like the original SID much better.
Hate it or love - I LOVE IT! <3 evertime it plays, the sun rises in my heart.:)

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