Metal - DNA Warrior Highscore (80s Remix)

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Metal Veteran
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Original composed by:
Thomas Petersen & K.Christensen
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Thanks for all the positive response on this remix.

I didn't really want to remix more of the tunes from DNA Warrior - but someone suggested that the highscore track should be remixed, so I had a listen to it, and realized that the track definately needed a remix. The soundtrack for DNA Warrior was composed in 1989 - and the feel of an 80's pop-track was so obvious that I just had to keep the spirit of that original feel. I think it went quite well.

Regarding the mix - I mix with headphones only and that definately has it's disadvantages. The snare is indeed a bit too loud, but just crank up the volume and you wont notice the flaw ;-)

Feel free to drop a comment - even those wanky ones are welcome - it's an open community and people are entitled to their own opinion.

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Lovely! It has that 80's feelgood sound and gets you into a happy mood instantly. The track delivers and does the job fantastically well. Clean mix, personally I'd do something about the snare which is too "evident", "loud" BIG Thanks for sharing Metal!
It's very good - I guess that's about how the original was supposed to sound like, if the Soundroutine had been able to do it.
Love that clean 80s sound and ambiance - and a little "Christmassy" ending
Absolutely grrreat. Top production, my style!
Got that amiga demo feel to it, very nice stuff
Excellent work! Just love every bit of it!
Perfect tune, great 80's feeling!! ... And again Vibrants doing each other, I love it! Torben for president!! - p2/HeAtWaVe -
One word: Wooooooow!!!!!
Beautiful... Really nice work.
One word to describe this song would be "Lovely". 'Cause its so happy and funky. :D
Nice, Metal, nice. I must admit that the snare is really a bit to loud but the rest is very, very good...!! One of my favourite ones (and still no trance)..!
Cheesy and sickly sweet, it sounds like the theme tune to My Little Pony - Kill it now!!
Not my type of music, but its ok
I am not sure. I dont like the synths a lot, but ofcourse I hear the quality of his work.
@Satanarchist: Please leave this scene or go to h..........
@Satanarchist: YOU are the 'little pony' here, haha! Very good remix, Metal!
Well made, but what's wrong with a little reverb or delay to add some air to the mix?
I have never heard before but it's grown on me. I agree with Brix and Infamous (the amiga feel and true to the original) Good job man, it's in my collection.
Like having your brain gently bubble-bathed!
"Ihan kiva"...
This track scream 80's at you, and then it calls Knight Rider and the A-Team round your house just to drive the point home. Great.
Gotta agree with the 80's comments. I'm just waiting for Shanice to come sing "I love your smile" and a little bit of "du du du da duuuu dudilidu". Great remix :)
Awesome, awesome, awesome and awesome again! Pure sugar, fantastic!
Good vibes
Easy on sunday morning - this what it reminds me of - when you listen to the base line - its a great cheesy mix but listen to that tune and you will realise you accidentally borrowed it lol - I love this CHEESSSSEE! Its great
I like it very much!
Nice '80 pop-hit-mood. Actually, it has a nicer sound than many top hits of that era. I don't like that stlye at all but I do like the way this track is done.
Not REALLY my cup of tea, but I can't think of anything that's wrong with your 80's mix... Not a single thing.

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