Mister Ghostie - Klisje Paa Klisje

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Klisje Paa Klisje
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Klsije Paa Klisje

If there's one Amiga module that everyone has heard then surely it must be this classic masterpiece by Walkman.

I've always wanted to do an arrangement of this track but have been put off by the sheer scale it.
Do I seriously consider working on the whole piece? Choose a few sections to work on? Or just give up altogether?

In the end, I decided to choose the easy option (or so I thought) and work on the first part only. God knows how many
months or years I've spent working on it though, constantly changing and tweaking it, never knowing when to stop.....
So if I were to attempt the full piece then it would probably never see the light of day. As it stands, even though the current
version is still a bit rough in some areas, I'm fairly happy with the overall result so far for me to give it a release.

Marvelous! Allways good to hear a screaming reverby 80's power guitar in a song. But please do something about that horrible cheap ending :) It made me drop my glass of beer on the floor in slow motion.
The ending ruins it, and the lifelessness of the piano towards the end, could have done with a bit of reverb on it to liven it up a little, but that guitar is lovely in a "they dont play it like that anymore" kind of way
Nice and pleasant to listten :)
It's a good start. The MIDI has too much of a sequenced feel to it though, needs humanising more. Guitar could do with being less legato through-out - aside from that though, nice. PLEASE FINISH THIS - It's one of my fav Amiga tunes!!!!
I agree with the not so good ending, but it is overall a wonderfull one. Like it very much. Thx!:-)

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