moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) - Beginning

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Little more variation at the end of this song and this would have been perfect, but overall I just love the way that this song flows. It is just beautiful.
Professional mastering and arrangement. Sounds very good.
Beautiful work, very ambient and relaxing.
An exciting, interesting and surprising way of remixing this tune. Great work.
Not as atmospheric as Søren "Jeff" Lund's great version, but better sounds and more professional mixing! Close to Oustanding, but not quite this time! Added to my collection anyway.
Nicely composed tune, perfect sounds, and that lead sound is sweet. Just kept anticipating some more layers of sound around the middle/end yet the track does what its meant to... Great work!
Very nice ambient remix and again top mixing.....
Very nice indeed.
Very, very good again... I want more, More, MORE!!! NOW!;-)
This is fucking great, in a softcore porn soundtrack sort of way. (Pun intended. ) Mellow, relaxing, emotional. Niiiice!
Professional as always, a bit repetitive... But nice music to get sleeping...
Very very good track, just perfect for relaxsation time
Lovely effort and just invokes the right feelings in all the right places.
Nice stuff, just feels a bit too much 80:ies synthersizer... Nothing new.
Awessome again Moog
Emotional... Excellent.
Outstanding Remix!
Dreamy, crystal clear with a flow that will hypnotize you. Whatever mood you were in before, it's long gone now.... Then you play it all over again.
Very nice relaxing track!
.. ZzzZZ(( yawn!))
Superb version!

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